6.1 PTR Patch Notes – Synopsis


Hier mal einige sehr interessante Dinge aus den aktuellen 6.1 PTR Notes vom 24.01.2015, die mir ins Auge gesprungen sind:

Aufholmechaniken für Twinks:

One of five new visitors may visit each day offering a quest to anyone that visits the Garrison.

  • Defeat a dungeon boss: Awards a bag with a chance to contain a level 630, 645, or 655 item token.
  • Defeat a raid boss (weekly quest): Awards a bag with a chance to contain a level 645, or 655 item token.
  • Bounty (intended for 3 or more players): Defeat a named elite NPC for a bag containing Apexis Crystals, and a chance to contain a level 645, or 655 item token.
  • Relic: Complete a series of quests to recover a relic for a bag containing Apexis Crystals, and a chance to contain a level 645, or 655 item token. Completing a relic mission unlocks it as a potential mission for your followers. Completing all 6 relic missions will unlock Harrison Jones as a follower!
  • CHALLENGE MODE: Increased the item level of gear awarded from completing daily Challenge Mode quests to 660 (up from 640).
  • Dawn-Seeker Rilak (Alliance) and Dawn-Seeker Kirrik (Horde) have set up shop in Stormshield and Warspear offering powerful new items (item level 670) in exchange for Apexis Crystals.

Änderungen an der Garnison (Missionen, Followers, Work Orders, Upgrade Items etc.):

  • Followers assigned to work at a building now receive XP for each work order that they provide a production bonus on. -> ENDLICH – PART I !
  • War Mill Level 3: A daily quest has been added to allow players to exchange Iron Horde Scraps for an armor or weapon enhancement token. -> Nice :)
  • Barracks: A vendor at the Barracks now sells an item that allows a character to shrink their Bodyguards for 60 minutes. -> ENDLICH – PART II !
  • Mage Tower / Spirit Lodge: The building now accepts Ogre Waystones as work orders awarding Apexis Crystals and a chance to receive an item that allows instant completion of a mission that’s in-progress. -> Damit hat das Gebäude endlich mal einen Sinn…
  • Salvage Yard: Follower Weaponry and Armor Set tokens (War Ravaged, Blackrock, Goredrenched) no longer drops from salvage. -> Womit die Wiederverwertung meines Erachtens unwichtig wird…
  • Invasions: Players that have performed above-and-beyond expectations for a Gold rating while defending their Garrisons from an invasion can now attain a Platinum rating. Platinum rating awards a level 660 item and a chance at obtaining an item that can be used to summon a raid or world boss. -> Wir werden also wohl bald wieder regelmäßig die Apexis Dailies machen^^


  • Tertiary Stats for Avoidance, Speed, and Leach now provide about four times as much benefit per stat point. -> Na DAS wurde auch Zeit, finde ich…

Pet Battles:

  • New battle pets have been added to Black Temple, Caverns of Time: Hyjal Summit, and Sunwell Plateau along with a new achievement, Raiding with Leashes III: Drinkin’ From the Sunwell to collect them all. Completing the achievement to collect all the new Battle Pets will award a Naaru pet. -> Yay! :)
  • Level 100 characters with a Tier-3 Garrison will now receive an item in the mail that increases a single Battle Pet’s level to 25.


  • New recipes have been added to create items that boost the item levels of crafted armor pieces to 680 and weapons to 670.
  • Alchemy: Alchemists can now transmute for Savage Blood and various Sorcerous elements.
  • Blacksmithing: Crafted shields no longer counts towards the limit on Unique-Equipped: Warlords Crafted items.
  • Cooking: New self-only cooking recipes have been added for food that gives 125 bonus to a stat.


  • Characters can now accrue up to a maximum of 60,000 Apexis Crystals (up from 20,000).
  • Mini Mana Bomb has been added to the Toy Box for Horde characters that have completed the achievement, Theramore’s Fall.


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